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Artist: Late Again
Album: Anyway (2004)
Title: Insist

Lyrics Insist

you keep trying to make me go
you taught me all what I should know

we're getting close to the end
running out of time again
you cant stay mine acting this way
until you make me fall apart again

you say that im wrong but i know i am right
and you'll keep putting words into my mouth
you'll never approve everything I do
still I'm going nowhere with you

you keep saying we are through again
and you'll do anything to make this end

(Pre Chorus)

its too hard for me
its too hard for you
and now there's nothing we can do (cause)

(chorus clean)
keep saying i that Im wrong again
we are getting closer to the end
we cant keep trying to go on
no matter what we do it feels like something's wrong