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Artist: Late Again
Album: Anyway (2004)
Title: Sorrow song

Lyrics Sorrow song

Why do I feel like
there's no one around
like im empty inside
Like a part of me
has just died?
Why do i try,
not to cry,
when all really
want is to die?

Just let go,
and never come back
give in to the dark,
and never look back.
To say that goodbye,
without any lies.
without the time 2 realize

Lost in yesterday,
no today,
neither tomorrow,
no new dusk,
and no memories,
all left behind,
dead part of me
growing inside
when no one remembers,
what it was like...

to feel
there is no one around
and the emptyness inside
the dead part of me
growing inside
tearing apart
try not to die,
when im about to cry
when im about to lie...

there is no one around
but me and my mind
the emptyness inside
is growing bigger with time
im just trying to stay alive...
when all i want is to lie...
when all i want is to die...

(guitar solo)