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Discography LMFAO:
(2011) Sorry For Party Rocking
(2010) Jersey Shore (Soundtrack)
(2009) Party Rock
(2008) Party Rock - EP
(0000) N/A

LMFAO lyrics of the album Sorry For Party Rocking (2011)
Reminds Me Of You
One Day
Sorry For Party Rocking
Hot Dog
Party Rock Anthem
Sexy And I Know It
Champagne Showers
Take It To The Hole
Best Night
All Night Long
With You
Put That Ass To Work
We Came Here To Party
Rock The Beat II

LMFAO lyrics of the album Jersey Shore (Soundtrack) (2010)
Get Crazy

LMFAO lyrics of the album Party Rock (2009)
La La La
I'm In Miami Bitch
I Am Not A Whore
I Don't Wanna Be
I Shake I Move
Leavin' You 4 The Groove
Lil' Hipster Girl
Rock the Beat
Scream My Name
What Happens at the Party

LMFAO lyrics of the album Party Rock - EP (2008)
I'm In Miami Trick

LMFAO lyrics of singles and other songs:
5 Star Bitch
Get On Down
Girl Can't Help It
Girls On The Dancefloor
Hot N Cold (Katy Perry Remix)
Lmfao - Yes
Paranoid (Party Rock Remix)
Sexy Mother
Smack The Paparazzi