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Artist: Xscape
Album: N/A (2006)
Title: So In Love

Lyrics So In Love

ooo, ooo, ooo, oo, ooo, x2

Verse1: Its been so many days, so many hours
since we went our seperate ways
and im still here missing you
what am i supposed to dooo... when there's
so many things, that reminds me of..
the times that we shared, just the two of us
I cant understand it, why does it have to
be this way tell me what..

Chorus: Baby(what do i do) when I'm ( I'm so in love with you) I
could never (never) never ever love this way again x2
oo baby tell me what (repeat chorus)

Verse2: Lying in the bed, we used to share
the only missing is.. your not here
I reminisce on the love we made
Use to drive me crazy.. when u said my name
and when u kissed me there, ooo baby, ooo-weee baby
tell me what do I say, what do I do...
when im still in love with.. u.....


Ooo, ooo, ooo, oo, ooOOoo x2

Hook: Tell me why, what did I do to deserve this (what did i do)
All I ever wanted was to make u happy (make u happy)
can you tell me where did we go wrong
I need to know, where is the love x2

Repeat chorus til fade..