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Discography Akon:
(2013) The Winery Dogs
(2011) Fun Dance 2011
(2010) MICHAEL
(2009) Gangsta Grillz
(2009) Just Go
(2009) Ruthless
(2008) Freedom
(2008) Step Up 2 The Streets
(2008) We Global
(2008) The Signature LP (2008)
(2007) Strength & Loyalty
(2007) Carnival, Vol II: Memoirs of an Immigrant
(2007) We the Best
(2007) Intoxication
(2006) Konvicted
(2006) The Blue Carpet Treatment
(2005) Hip Hop Violinist
(2005) Moonshine
(2004) Trouble
(2004) N/A
(2004) Milk Me

Akon lyrics of the album The Winery Dogs (2013)
One More Time

Akon lyrics of the album Fun Dance 2011 (2011)

Akon lyrics of the album MICHAEL (2010)
Hold My Hand

Akon lyrics of the album Gangsta Grillz (2009)
Day Dreaming

Akon lyrics of the album Just Go (2009)
Just Go

Akon lyrics of the album Ruthless (2009)

Akon lyrics of the album Freedom (2008)
Against The Grain
Right Now (Na Na Na)
I'm So Paid
Be With You
Clap Again
Holla Holla
Keep You Much Longer
Over The Edge
Sunny Day
We Don't Care

Akon lyrics of the album Step Up 2 The Streets (2008)

Akon lyrics of the album We Global (2008)
Out Here Grindin'

Akon lyrics of the album The Signature LP (2008) (2008)
Silver and Gold

Akon lyrics of the album Strength & Loyalty (2007)
I Tried

Akon lyrics of the album Carnival, Vol II: Memoirs of an Immigrant (2007)
Sweetest Girl

Akon lyrics of the album We the Best (2007)
We Takin' Over

Akon lyrics of the album Intoxication (2007)
What's Love

Akon lyrics of the album Konvicted (2006)
Smack That
Blown Away (feat. Styles P)
Tired Of Runnin'
Never Took The Time
Gangsta Bop
I Can't Wait
Don't Matter
Shake Down
I Wanna Love You
Mama Africa
Once In A While
Sorry, Blame It On Me
Hold My Hand [feat. Michael Jackson]
Blown Away
Don't Matter (Calypso Remix)
Fair To You
Still Alone
Struggle Everyday
The Rain

Akon lyrics of the album The Blue Carpet Treatment (2006)
I Wanna Love You (I Wanna **** You)

Akon lyrics of the album Hip Hop Violinist (2005)
Miss Melody

Akon lyrics of the album Moonshine (2005)

Akon lyrics of the album Trouble (2004)
Locked Up
Bananza (belly Dancer)
Trouble Nobody
Pot Of Gold
Show Out
When The Time's Right
Don't Let Up
Easy Road
Mr. Lonely
Take Me With You
Love To Keep You Warm
Lie Down (a Modern Love Song)
Day Tripper
Nighthawk - Vampire Blues
The Time Is Right For Love
Don't Mess With Me
Kill The Dance (Got Something For Ya)
Never Gonna Get It

Akon lyrics of singles and other songs:
I Wanna Fuck You (ft Snoop Dogg)
So Fly
Cross That Line
Keep On Calling
9 mm (Speaker)
Ain't No Sunshine
All My Life
America's Most Wanted
Arab Money (Remix)
Bad As Hell
Be Me
Bend That Ass Ova
Blood Into Gold
Body Bounce
Bring It On
Burn That Bridge
By My Side
Can You Believe It?
Chamak Challo
Chammak Chulo
Chasin' You
Clack Clack
Clak Clak
Cocaine Cowboy
Come Back To Me
Come Home With Me
Could You Be The Reason
Cry out of Joy [ Michael Jackson Tribute]
Day Dreamin'
Ditch Ya Boyfriend
Don't Matter (Official Remix)
Don't Matter [Remix]
Dream Girl
Drop Down Low
El Product
Everywhere You Go
Fallin In Love
Get Buck
Get Buck In Here
Get By
Get Low Wit It
Get This Party Started
Ghetto (Remix)
Ghetto Gospel (Dj One Remixx)
Ghetto Soldier (Go To War)
Ghetto [International Remix]
Give It To 'em
Go Go Dancer
Go To War
Gun In My Hand
Gun Short
Her Shoes
Hurt Somebody
i Love It
I Promise
I Try So Hard
I Wanna Love You (Clean)
I Wanna Punch You
I Won't
I'm Leaving
I'm Losing It
I'm Sorry
It's True
Just A Man
Let's Get Crazy
Life Of A Superstar
Locked Up Remix
Locked Up Remix
Long Gone
Look At Me Ft Obie Trice (Remix)
Look At Me Now
Look Me In My Eyes
Love Handles
Me, Myself & I
Mp3 U & Me
My Block Sold Up
My Dog
Na Na
Natural Born Hustla
Never Forget Me
New York City
No Labels
No More You
Nobody Wanna See Us Together
Nosey Neighbour
Nosy Neighbour (taking It Off)
Not Safe
Oh Africa
Once Radio
Party Animal
Problem Solver
Put The Blame On Me
Rely On
Saddest Day
Say Goodbye To Yesterday
Shawty Got Me Excited
She's So Fine
Shine Like A Star
Slow Wind
Smack That (Remix)
So High
So Special
Some One
Soul Survivor
Soul Survivor (Remix)
Stay Down
Stay Down Ft. Tupac (remix)
Street Rider
Take A Chance
Take It Down Low
Takin It Off (She's Gettin Naked)
Takin' It Off
That's Me
That's Righ
The Reason
The Take Over, The Break's Over
The Way She Moves
Throw Dat D
Time Is Money
Time Or Money
Top Chef
Unless We Fuckin
Until U Come Back
Up & Down
Wake It Up
Wake Up Call
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008
Wanna Rock
Wanna Start Something
What Can I Say
What You Got
What'cha Gone Do
Where Would We Go
Who The Fuck Is That
Work It
Yalli Naseeni
Yalli Nassini
You Are So Beautiful
You Don't Want It
[untitled Track]

Akon lyrics of the album Milk Me (2004)
Find Us (In the Back of the Club)