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Discography Lou Reed:
(2003) The Raven
(1972) Transformer

Lou Reed lyrics of the album The Raven (2003)
Old Poe
Edgar Allan Poe
The Conqueror Worm
Courtly Orangutans
Guardian Angel
Who Am I? (tripitena's Song)
Tripitena's Speech
Hop Frog
Every Frog Has His Day
Science Of The Mind
Annabel Lee - The Bells
I Wanna Know (the Pit And The Pendulum)
A Wild Being From Birth
Guilty 1
Guilty 2
The Cask
Vanishing Act
Imp Of The Perverse
Burning Embers
Blind Rage
The Tell-tale Heart (pt. 2)
The Tell-tale Heart (pt. 1)
Broadway Song
Perfect Day
The Raven
The Bed
The Fall Of The House Of Usher
The City In The Sea / Shadow
Call On Me
The Valley Of Unrest

Lou Reed lyrics of the album Transformer (1972)
Walk On The Wild Side
Hangin' 'round
Perfect Day
Make Up
Satellite Of Love
Andy's Chest
New York Telephone Conversation
Wagon Wheel
I'm So Free
Goodnight Ladies